Lust. Love. Loss.

by Abrams

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Recorded in December of 2014 at The Boar's Nest in Salt Lake City by Andy Patterson. Mastered by Brad Boatright of AudioSiege. Produced by Abrams and Patrick Alberts. Artwork and Layout by Kristin Cofer. Logo Design by Brian D'Agosta of Gostworks. All tracks written and performed by Abrams.


released June 16, 2015

Zach Amster - Guitar and Vocals
Taylor Iversen - Bass and Vocals
Michael Amster - Drums



all rights reserved


Abrams Denver, Colorado

Abrams is:

Zach Amster -Guitars and Vox

Taylor Iversen - Bass and Vox

Geoff Cotton - Drums

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Track Name: Manic
What if I was born to save
What if I was born to break
The cycle
I've become
What if I was known to save
What if I was known to break
The silence
I've become
This little mess
I’ve become
Save me from something. There’s no way they’ll forget.
Track Name: Sea Salt Lines
Glisten Utah. Fields of why? Calming dry.
Landlocked, uncocked. Make me your life.
Learn it Abraham. Force feed the lies
Brainwashed batter. Make me your life.
Wash away. Sea salt lines. Ask for more. Sea salt lines.
Winter on the summer ground.
Make me a cross. Burn the song we sing.
Failure is for free.
Bring me your loss and mourn. My life for yours
Rose with its petals in white. Black serene. White you gleam.
Track Name: Sunshine
Here I am. I’m always on. Call my name. Sing me songs.
And you’re walking along the river, heading to the endless sea.
Lay with me upon the Earth and come to me.
Bring sunshine.
Here I come. You’re already gone. Call your name but something’s wrong.
And I’m drowning in your endless ocean, trying to bring your shine to me.
Just to walk along the shore and have you hide from me.
Pretty lies. Little sighs. Wander until I find my home.
Pull you in. Little sighs. Turning over every stone.
Bring sunshine.
I’m in your ocean. Right where my rivers meet your seas.
I’ve got a notion: You’ve got a halo on for me.
Track Name: Sweaty and Self Conscious
Skipping rocks with drones. Waning to come home.
Will you be? Be with me?
I don’t care what you say, you don’t give a shit anyway.
You’re just a pretty little idiot. I don’t care about you.
Hidden eye of skies taking what was theirs
Will you stay? Stay with me?
Anything...I'll say anything. Except I do
First born wears the crown. First born tears the town
I don’t care what you say, you don’t give a shit anyway.
You’re just a pretty little idiot. I don’t care about you at all.
Grasp and hold on. You're far too late.I'll stand with you if you'll stand tall.
Broken bottles on children's feet.
They don't know. Who threw it all away? You threw it all away.
Empty mothers for those who thirst.
Early graves made for those that bled first
Rest assured your empty eyes, they don't know.
Who through it all away? You threw it all away.
Track Name: Far From Home
Fall from grace far from home.
Haven’t I done this before?
Push the stone.
What to do? Just blaming you.
Will you feast? Will you dine?
Listen up. You never do.
I'm in front. For you.
Track Name: Mr. Pink Always Wins
My best friend is dead. There’s something wrong with my head.
You never knew me. I never knew you at all.
Hell bent the way for love. Blood birthed a famous faux.
You lie you cheat you steal to be the grace that you once knew.
I saw the truth in you. It led me to my grave.
It was love we thought it could not be. The love that we thought…
You’re getting old, and you’re still so alone. Look out your window.
I know what you saw.
Something beautiful, something gone. Something missing, something wrong.
I have forgotten the face of my love. Let me walk under the moon with you once more.
Glory is all he wants to bask and simmer on.
Breathe like the wind and boast forgone the chase that you once knew.
It’s all getting old. So very fucking old. Can’t find the reason, but I’m the cause.
Forever a beast that is truly a part of me. This thing I never thought I’d be.
But you called for a reason. Cuz you’re so alone. I change with the seasons.
Could you know? No.
Track Name: Useless
I can’t find a way. I have to have you but I don’t even know what to say. Do you need me?
There’s no way out. Without a doubt this time. Because I’m yours and you’re not mine.
Sitting at this desk. It’s what you say to me.
Battle all the stress. It’s what I pay to be.
Pick up on the first ring. Your perfect fantasy. I’m losing my mind.
There’s no way out without a doubt this time. It’s true. Cuz you’re mine, you’re mine.
Get fucked.. Let’s fuck the world. Cuz I’m your boy and you’re my girl.
Ticking in reverse. It’s what you say to me.
Grieving to go play. It’s what I pay to be.
Pick up on the ring. Marry and bury me.
Delegated whore. It makes me feel alive.
And I’m your favorite toy. Your special little boy. I’d make a lousy father. You’d be a crazy mother. You’re the one. What do you want from me? What do you want?
Track Name: Lust. Love. Loss.
Lust. More.I need sorrow.
Bruised. Stained. I'll see tomorrow.
Holding punctures in your hands of blood.
Willingness to strain your voice, you yearn.
I'll be waiting in the hall you paved.
But we'll be leaving here in time. In due time.
I can’t change when you always stay the same.
Just to bleed away my heart and take away my name.
Since I have no place to go, just take me to the edge and carry me away
I'm ashamed. In the dead of night
Lies, and surprise. I'll be following.
Cries and denies. In the bed you made.
Lust. More. I need sorrow
Bruised. Stained. I'll see tomorrow.
I'll insist that you run back home.
Lust, lust, lust.
Track Name: The Light
He wrote a note covered in blood.
Left illegible. You thought it was funny.
Rise above the cityscape.
Screaming for his life but you're too late.
All the same. You will never dance in rain again.
Indecisions made of how to live.
Breathing to forgive, you let him rest.
Made a mess of father’s life changed.
And all your lovers grieve, dealt with how you left.
Lost control of all the bullshit you put us through and you're not here.
Am I to blame? Such a god damn shame that you’re gone and I’m alone.
Go towards the light you fuck. You passed the buck and gave your pain away.
I came too late. I left you there. Go towards the light you fuck.
And you’re innocent of nothing. You stole the sun and it burned up the Earth.
Leaving nothing for the ones you loved. Nothing is left. Nothing at all.